Projects continue

Construction projects continue around the Alamo City amid coronavirus pandemic

SAN ANTONIO – If you leave your house, you may notice some construction is still underway.

There are certain professions and operations that are exempt from the county’s “Stay Home, Work Safe” orders, and that includes construction projects ranging from housing to streets and drainage.

Assistant City Manager Rod Sanchez said it crucial for certain projects to continue for not only now, but for the future of the city.

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One of those projects is the Mission Reach Apartments, which is set to have more than 90 units and low-income housing.

“We also have a housing shortage in San Antonio, so it is essential that we keep those projects moving along so that when we do get out of this crisis people do you have places to live,” he said. “As people are unemployed and working less hours and making less, it is essential that we continue to build this type of housing so these people have a place to stay today and in the future…”

Streets repairs and sidewalk construction are also deemed essential.

With so many people staying home, Sanchez said it is actually the perfect time to work on construction projects.

He said it is easier for crews to move heavy equipment in and on the site “fairly safely and not disrupt anyone.”

There is almost $3 billion on the payroll of construction projects, according to Sanchez.

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