WA DOT halts most construction for two weeks

WSDOT suspends construction over coronavirus concerns

WSDOT construction in Tacoma.

The Washington State Department of Transportation announced Thursday that it would be suspending “most state construction work” for at least the next two weeks.

How Washington’s stay-at-home order will affect construction projects

Contractor partners with WSDOT are being asked to safely secure job sites by the end of the day Thursday, March 26.

This comes despite efforts to develop procedures that would protect construction workers on WSDOT projects and ensure they could continue working.

“Unfortunately, despite these efforts, it is not possible to meet the guidelines while maintaining construction,” WSDOT said in a news release.

Additional issues surfaced recently related to staffing issues, with between 25% and 40% of crews not being available to work on various projects this last week.

Full details on what’s allowed under Inslee’s stay-at-home order

“We believe it is critical that we take every appropriate step available to protect the lives and health of our loved ones, families, our friends, coworkers and neighbors,” said WSDOT.

While “most state projects” will come to a halt, WSDOT will continue its work on fish passage culverts in order to meet deadlines imposed by a federal court injunction, “and to comply with time-sensitive fish windows for in-water work.”

Design work will also continue, although any fieldwork related to design aspects of projects will be suspended.


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