Green Building and Sustainable Development in the U.S. | Construction Webinars


Dodge’s recently published World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report provides a comprehensive look at the level of green building activity, influences on the green building market, business benefits of building green and use of green products and services across all players in the green construction industry in 19 global markets. This webinar focuses on one slice of that overall study, the responses of owners and contractors in the U.S. on sustainable development.

This webinar provides attendees with a glimpse of the priorities that are driving sustainable development investments in the U.S. from an owner perspective and the engagement of contractors in achieving green goals. It contrasts the findings, not just between these two players, but also with the larger global findings to create a clear, specific portrait of this market for green construction, how it differs from other markets around the globe and the differences between owners and contractors when it comes to green building.