The Business Value of BIM in the Middle East

BIM ME Cover

The Middle East is home to some of the most innovative building projects in the world. Not only are these projects iconic, but they are also complex and demanding for the project teams, which are often based around the globe. In addition, the demand for tight schedules on projects in this region is particularly restrictive. These factors suggest that companies in the Middle East will benefit from wider use of building information modeling (BIM), and our latest study reveals that, while the use of BIM in the Middle East is still at an early stage, it is poised for dramatic growth.

Although many BIM experts in the region interviewed for this report state that current use of BIM does not always extend throughout the supply chain, this study shows that BIM use by contractors is likely to be the area with the greatest potential growth in the region because respondents report that having general or trade contractors with strong BIM skills increases project outcomes with quality, increases innovation and reduces overall project duration and cost.

This study reveals the value BIM brings to the design, construction and operation of buildings according to designers and contractors doing work in the Middle East. In addition to the data, the report features case studies, feature articles and thought leader interviews that reveal the advantages of using BIM for projects in the Middle East. Data from the study includes:

  • The increasing rates of implementation among BIM users
  • The benefits of using BIM, the investments they are making to enhance those benefits, and its perceived ROI
  • The use of BIM across teams, including the types of project team members in the Middle East with the most expertise in BIM
  • The perspective of non-users, including their attitudes toward BIM and factors that could drive adoption