Connecting Teams with BIM and Construction Project Management


Dodge Data & Analytics’ research conducted around the world shows that the project delivery process in the AEC industry is becoming increasingly integrated and collaborative. The rapid international expansion of BIM (building information modeling) and related model-based processes are facilitating new ways of breaking down the traditional silos between project team members and generating exciting new opportunities for improving efficiency, productivity and project outcomes. Fundamental to this transformation is the growth of cloud-based collaboration solutions for construction project management that enable fast, accurate and reliable digital workflows. This report determines the extent and value of the use of those solutions.

  • The study includes data on the benefits, ROI and ideal functions of cloud-based collaboration solutions.
  • Owner use of these solutions, the use of collaborative delivery models and industry leaders in collaboration are also included in the report.

The AEC industry is entering a new era of increased connection. Although in the past the focus has been on the modeling aspect of building information modeling, there is now a rapid shift to focus on the information aspect of BIM. The increased concentration on information, along with the efficient sharing of that information, allows project teams to collaborate in ways never before possible. Technology is enabling teams to become more connected and have access to a wealth of information from anywhere.

The research presented in this report is based on a survey of US architects, engineers, general contractors and trade contractors, and BIM and/or IT managers at those companies. The report determines the extent and value of their use of cloud-based collaboration solutions and was produced with the support of Autodesk.