Construction Worker Shortage: Commercial Construction Index 2019 Q1 | Construction Webinars

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This webinar looks at the latest findings from the USG+U.S. Chamber of Commerce quarterly Commercial Construction Index (CCI) report series. The report is based on construction market research conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics and captures the unique perspective of contractors about the health of the commercial construction industry.

Construction Worker Shortage
Not only will the webinar discuss the Q1 report findings about contractors’ overall confidence in the construction market and their biggest concerns and challenges, including their responses about backlog of work, material prices and the construction worker shortage, but it will also look at the way the construction industry is working to change the perception of a career in construction and the top ways contractors believe the industry can attract and retain new workers.

Click here to download the Q1 2019 USG+U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index (CCI) Report.