Accelerating Digital Transformation Through BIM

Accelerating Bim Cover

Digital transformation is sweeping the globe. All industries in every country are deploying an increasing array of digital tools and integrated processes to increase productivity and certainty, reduce risk and more effectively engage all stakeholders in their value networks.

The design and construction industry is no exception. For several decades, companies have been adopting a variety of solutions to improve project outcomes, and a rapidly growing number of these are designed specifically for use by the industry.

Since 2009, Dodge Data & Analytics has been conducting quantitative research studies about the usage and value of design and construction technologies around the world. As adoption has steadily expanded over that time, so have users’ capabilities, expectations and creativity at applying digital technologies in innovative ways to derive the most value from the underlying data being captured, created and shared across the project lifecycle.

Autodesk has partnered with Dodge on many of those efforts and is doing so again with this report titled Accelerating Digital Transformation Through BIM.

Click the button below to download this information-packed 60-page research report that spans four continents and gathers the experiences of contractors, architects, civil engineers, and MEP and structural engineers to determine:

  • Where they are in their process of digital transformation and how BIM is contributing value to that evolution.
  • How they are deploying BIM and in what ways they are leveraging the data from models and processes to improve decision-making and effectively power integrated digital workflows among project team members.