Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Design and Construction


The findings from U.S. architects and contractors featured in this SmartMarket Report reveal the degree of industry engagement with diversity, equity and inclusion at their organizations and on their projects, and how it can improve in the future. The report features:

  • Data on the use of over a dozen DEI practices and policies by architects and contractors at their organizations
  • Practices that are widely employed to improve project impacts on communities and challenges in doing so
  • The top organizational and project benefits experienced by those engaging in DEI practices and policies, and the degree to which they are enhanced by deeper commitments to DEI
  • Critical drivers that can encourage more of the industry to embrace DEI at their organizations
  • Articles, case studies and interviews that provide real-world context about why and how DEI is essential to improve companies, the industry, projects and the communities impacted by them.