The Civil Quarterly Issue 1

Civil Quarterly2

The Civil Quarterly (TCQ) features original research collected quarterly from civil contractors and engineers. The research provides a snapshot of the current business health of contractors operating in the dynamic civil sector, and each issue also offers insights into some of the many trends that are transforming the sector through research, interviews and feature articles. This quarter’s issue features:

  • Business conditions data on backlog, revenue, profit margin and overall optimism about the ability provide new work, gathered in the midst of the pandemic.
  • An analysis of jobsite technologies in use on civil projects, which reveals which are established, maturing, poised for growth and emerging.
  • New data on the use of safety practices to protect workers, surrounding communities and equipment
  • An owner’s perspective on the value of e-bidding, and other insights about the way the heavy civil sector is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak