The Civil Quarterly Issue 2

Civil V2cover

The Civil Quarterly (TCQ) features original research collected quarterly from civil contractors and engineers. The research provides a snapshot of the current business health of contractors operating in the dynamic civil sector, and each issue also offers insights into some of the many trends that are transforming the sector through research, interviews and feature articles. This quarter’s issue features:

  • The state of the civil construction market among contractors since the last quarter, with more contractors reporting decreasing backlogs, expectations for declining profit margins in the next six months and reduced confidence in the market over the next two years.
  • Data showing the degree to which civil contractors believe the supply chain will impact their projects.
  • Data from contractors and engineers highlighting the extent to which COVID-19 is impacting and changing their businesses.
  • Insights into the level of contractor engagement with e-Bidding and an owner’s perspective on its benefits.