Construction Safety Week: A One Stop Job Site Safety Resource Hub

Written by Ben Johnson on May 10, 2019

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In celebrating Construction Safety Week 2019, Dodge is highlighting the best of our job site safety related resources, updated every day of Safety Week.

Friday’s Resources:


This in-depth report covers the most effective safety practices, trends in safety training, and overall benefits of developing a safety culture in your company.

SafetyCulture360x204 Webinar

This webinar examines how construction companies are employing safety measures and promoting the creation of a “safety culture,” as well as impacts of safety programs on business results.

Top3Safety 360

This article distills Dodge safety data into three vital job site safety factors.

Thursday’s Resources:

CCI Q3 Feature

This issue of the Commercial Construction Index’s Spotlight Article focuses on construction site safety, particularly the effects of the construction labor shortage.


This article reflects specifically on connections between the construction labor shortage and job site safety.